Awakening the Goddess Within

31 Day Journey of Self-Love

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Do you want rise to the Highest and Best Version of yourself?

Have you been "defeated", betrayed, or perhaps encountered a life experience that just made you lose your center?

You know that you are stronger than you are currently being, and worthy of a life far more magnificent than you are currently accepting or living. But you can't find the strength and the way.

Sounds familiar? I know, I have been there!

But where to start?

You are a Goddess. But we need to awaken, the Goddess Within.

Goddess, you have choice:

To Conquer or To Be Conquered

To Win or to Lose

To Rise Up or Be Defeated

If you choose NOT to Rise Up, "they" have won!

Rise Up!

Bruised, Weary, Tired, Empty, Drained, Exhausted.

Rise Up!

Or "they" will have succeeded.

Nara Lee

Why do we Need Self-Love & Personal Power?

Self-Love, Authentic Personal Power and Confidence comes from within.

The world teaches us to seek it outside - through accomplishments, but in spite of any accomplishments, when you go home, you are just you.

You have to learn to deal with your pain, challenges, losses, obstacles, or whatever is bugging you, and dimming your Light.

And, in spite of it all, you have to find the Inner Resources and Inner Power to conquer, to Rise Up again.

You have to be happy with yourself, and all aspects of your life: love, career, health, relationships, body.

To just be in perfect balance, and allowing the Highest Version of your life to take expression.

I was not in perfect balance, I had to work at it, and Rise Up again. Most people are not in perfect balance. They seek it and fake it by keeping busy, self-destructing or pursuing things that are out of alignment with who they really are at the core.

The most powerful and important thing you can do, is to reconnect with you, and to Awaken the Power that already lives Inside of You.

From that authentic power base, you can conquer any obstacles, and

create anything you want.

This course will teach you how.



Module 1: Activating Channels to Personal Power

We work on building your power base through reconnection with Self and the Divine. We create an active link between the divine within and the divine without, through active sense memory exercises. These exercises you can use for life.

Module 2: Loving Me Myself and I

This module is all about rituals of pampering and loving yourself. Each time you do these rituals, you not only feel sexier, more whole, beautiful and radiant, but you also begin to shine and radiate that light and love with your presence. Includes Self-Love Affirmations, Meditations, Ancient Goddess Rituals such as the Cleopatra Goddess Bath.

Module 3: Removing Blocks to Personal Power

Our natural state is Love, Perfection, Magnificence and Radiance. This is how we come into the world as babies. But by the sheer act of existing and having a human experience, our Light is dimmed with all these extra layers, that block our Light and Personal Power. So before we can rise up again, become whole again, we need to let go of everything that is weighing us down. We cannot rise to the top with weights on our shoulders. We need to let go, and clear ourselves from past memories, experiences, and anything that weighs us down. This is what we will work on here. Letting go, Forgiveness, and also discovering what is holding you back or down. Then we will do rituals to get rid of all this, to prepare, for the next stage, which is:

Module 4: Rising Up

Now that we worked with the key elements - adding and increasing the levels of self-love and divine love within you, allowing healing to take place naturally and organically through this work, letting go of everything that is blocking you for being your Highest and Best Self, we are ready to Rise Up. Here we work with discovering the Highest Vision for your life, to allow that vision to pull you out of anything that is holding you down or back. We create an action plan that you can use daily, monthly, weekly, 365 days a year. You are ready to rise up your True Authentic Goddess Self.


  • 20+ Lessons
  • 20+ Daily Workbooks
  • Accountability Exercises & Workbooks
  • MP3 Affirmations of Self-Love & Self-Acceptance
  • Guided Meditation - White Light Healing Meditation
  • One-on-One coaching call (*optional)
  • Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: Self-Love & Self-Acceptance Digital Journey

This course is the equivalent of having a coach working with you everyday and giving you one daily practice a day to restore you to your personal power, confidence, and healing.

In other words, you will receive everything you need to succeed. You are essentially getting my 20 years of spiritual practice, plus a unique body of work what took me a full year to discover, test and implement, to heal myself, and also rise up when I had reached my personal bottom. I had searched everywhere, and nothing was out there. I needed results. And this is what got me the results. And I sincerily hope it can help you too, to achieve the same results, and help you rise up and Awaken the Goddess Within!

Note: This course is not theoretical but practical, designed to create real changes and results. Everyday you have a new exercise to do, and for as long as you do the exercises, you will guaranteed see tremendous results.

Courses Included with Purchase

Self-Love: Healing Affirmations Digital Journey
Interactive Healing Affirmations of Self-Love
Nara Lee Official
Self-Acceptance: Healing Affirmations Digital Journey
Interactive Healing Affirmations of Self-Acceptance
Nara Lee Official

Original Price: £40

Your Instructor

Nara Lee Official
Nara Lee Official

Nara Lee is a Transformational coach, Artist and a Entrepreneur. She helps women awaken their inner power and to tap into their hidden resources to cope with life's most challenging situations in order to create more Purposeful and Meaningful lives, aligned with their Life Purpose and True Authentic Selves.

She discovered this calling after an incident, in which she almost lost her life. At the time she was living in London and working as CEO of an international real estate company. She took time off and embarked on an incredible journey of self-healing and empowerment which led her to discover a hidden reservoir of potential and power that we all have but don't use.

You can connect with her on

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts immediately. You will receive one daily healing practice a day for 31 days.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is this Right for Me?
Self-Love is the foundation for any lasting change. Whilst we always think we are good to go, there is always an aspect that needs more love that will automatically affect: - Your Income - Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem - Your Health and Well Being - Your Relationships This is right for you if - You are struggling to heal from a break up, loss or any major change in your life - You want to succeed, be strong, powerful and 'in your game' but just can't seem to find the inner strength - Are attracting the wrong partners and relationships - You are wanting to heal from trauma, domestic violence or any experience that took you off your center - You have made a conscious decision to be your Highest and Best Self but just don't know how to make it all happen
Does this work?
It 100% works. In fact you have more than enough, a variety of more than 31 different exercises, tools and strategies to succeed. I tested this in the worst conditions possible, in a state that probably you won't be in. So for if this doesn't work for you, then maybe nothing else will. It's as comprehensive as it can possibly be, and far more extensive than any self-love book you will ever read. Note: The connection and skills that you develop in this course, will change your life forever. This is not just a one day job or just a 31 day job. You will have the tools you need to Rise Up, anytime you need.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you have tried all the exercises for 31 days, and are still unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund - but only provided that you can prove that you have done the work.
What if I don't match the above criteria, can I still enroll?
Yes totally. Any woman on this planet in fact should be doing this course. There is always more love to be added and it will directly and positively impact areas of your life that are not flowing. It will dissolve certain blocks that you currently have resistance around or are not flowing and holding you back. So for example you may have everything perfect but maybe you are struggling to work with your body and shed that extra weight. Or maybe you are struggling to increase your income. Or maybe you are struggling to find your center after a major break up or divorce. Or maybe you need to heal from an incidence of domestic violence, or a life threatening illness or challenge. This is right for anyone who wants to get stronger from within, yet gently, through love. This is right for anyone who wants to heal. This is right for anyone who has decided to say YES to themselves and to the higher version of their lives!

Courses Included with Purchase

Self-Love: Healing Affirmations Digital Journey
Interactive Healing Affirmations of Self-Love
Nara Lee Official
Self-Acceptance: Healing Affirmations Digital Journey
Interactive Healing Affirmations of Self-Acceptance
Nara Lee Official

Original Price: £40

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